Patient Testimonials

I have found Dr. Manocha very friendly and thorough professional. I took my father to him having severe shoulder pain history. He used to take pain killer tablets almost daily for many years for such pain. He never took pain killers for shoulder pain after treatment by Dr. Manocha. It was a very pleasant experience.
Thank you !

Mayank Goel

I have known Dr Manocha for more than two decades since the time he was working in UK. As a fellow pain colleague I have seen how he has accumulated a unique combination of skills which comes to the advantage of his patients. I have been a witness of him extreme hard work, always prioritizing the needs of his patients and works in their best interest. I have no hesitation in recommending.

Shravan Tirunagari

International Pain Centre located in Niti Bagh, New Delhi has a very experienced Pain Management Expert Dr. Amod Manocha and a really nice infrastructure as well. I’ve been seeing this doctor for years and he is absolutely fantastic. He is a great listener, knowledgeable, and comes up with the best treatment plan. He takes time to explain things in detail and always puts health first.

Narendra Singhania

Dr. Amod Manocha at the International Pain Clinic is an outstanding pain physician known for his evidence-based approach and the comprehensive services provided at the clinic. I had referred few patients for whom he has provided excellent insightful diagnosis as well as treatments. I wish International Pain Clinic best wishes and hope it reaches new heights.

Ninadini Shrestha

Dr. Amod Manocha is the best doctor to treat pain that can not be treated elsewhere. My mother suffered shoulder pain for several years and got no relief elsewhere. He has a deep understanding of the disease process. He is very thorough in assessment.

Shaiwal Khandelwal

Last month, I faced a terrible low back pain while getting ready for the office. I was stuck in one position for more than 4 hours. It was so severe that I couldn’t move in an inch or get up or go to visit any Doctor or Hospital. We called Dr. Amod Manocha.

Ankit Ahuja

Highly recommended clinic for chronic pain & palliative care patients , Well maintained in terms of Cleanliness & Staff is also very much caring & supportive. Dr.Amod Manocha himself is well known & reputed International faculty of pain medicine.

Deep Divanshu Lall

Dr Amod is renowned internationally trained pain Specialists who believes ethical holistic management for acute and chronic pain in South Delhi . Dr Amod have worked in UK and India, he offers high quality care at the International Pain Centre.

Richa Oberoi