About Us

Don’t suffer with pain in silence. Take control of your pain with the help of our pain management experts

Chronic pain is a common problem affecting a significant proportion (20%) of world’s population. People with persisting pain are often referred from one doctor to another for a number of years without accurate diagnosis or adequate treatment. Persisting pain is associated with poor quality of life and such individuals frequently end up using long term painkillers with a constant worry about the side effects. Treatment of persisting pain is challenging as pain is a very personal experience and as one therapy does not work for all. Hence the need for having specialists with expertise in managing pain and identifying the root cause so that corrective measures can be instituted to provide lasting relief. If you are experiencing pain which has been present for some time or keeps coming back time and again(chronic pain), International Pain Centre can help in maximising your relief and improving the quality of life.

A few words about The International Pain Centre

The International Pain Centre (IPC) lays its foundation stone at the heart of Delhi with an aim to help people live a pain free life. Here at International Pain Centre you will be under the care of a dedicated pain management specialist trained in advanced pain management treatments and techniques. Under his guidance a tailormade care plan is implemented at par with those offered internationally. Our aim to provide maximum relief possible avoiding the invasive options (like surgery) as much as possible.

The uniqueness of the approach at IPC is use of evidence-based treatments and a multidisciplinary team approach based on the Biopsychosocial model of pain. A team of specialists from various medical and alternative therapy sectors assess the holistic impact of pain on your life and work together to facilitate your recoveryand optimize your outcomes.The multi professional team at International Pain Centre includes accredited Pain Specialists, Specialist Nurses, Dietitians, Physiotherapists and Psychologists. We try to address all the components hampering your progress in daily life with special emphasis on educating you about your condition and putting you in the driving seat. You are encouraged to define realistic treatment goals and interventions are tailored to your needs and preferences. Our aim is to deliver a comprehensive and lasting relief and improve the quality of your life.